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Six Month Smiles

Six month braces allow patients to achieve a straighter and more beautiful smile without waiting years to see results. This six month orthodontics treatment fixes gaps, spaces, and crooked teeth that detract from the aesthetic appeal of your smile in significantly less time than traditional braces in Denton, TX. Many adult patients find six month braces to be an ideal solution for fixing orthodontic issues that have plagued them for years. 

The reason this six month orthodontics treatment is capable of dramatically straightening teeth in less time is due to its focus. Unlike traditional braces, which also fix the patient’s bite, six month braces focus solely on improving the aesthetics of the front teeth. The tooth colored brackets and wires straighten teeth in a similar manner to traditional orthodontics, but the six month orthodontics treatment does not focus on the entire mouth. Rather, six month braces concentrate exclusively on straightening the teeth that show when you smile. The teeth are not moved any faster, but since the objective is not to improve the bite of your back teeth, your treatment comes to an end as soon as the front teeth have been repositioned. 

As the name suggests, six month braces will typically take about six months to complete. However, the time needed for treatment varies by patient; some people may need less than six months while others will need more. Regardless, this six month orthodontics treatment repairs gaps and crooked teeth faster and more discreetly than traditional braces, allowing you to attain a more beautiful smile in a fraction of the time.