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Preventive Dentistry

Protect Your Oral Health with Preventive Dentistry

Routine oral hygiene, both in-office treatments and at-home practices, will help prevent cavities, decay, and serious gum disease. At Blake Dental Arts, we encourage our patients to schedule biannual office visits. If you already have a history of decay or other concerns, more frequent visits may be appropriate. During each office visit, you will receive a thorough cleaning and Dr. George S. Burgess will conduct a complete exam, looking for decay, oral cancer, and other concerns. He will also provide tips and guidance on how to best take care of your teeth at home. Patients can learn more about preventive dentistry at our Bradenton, FL, dental practice. Contact us today.


Importance of Routine Cleanings

Without professional dental cleanings, you can face a very high risk for decay and gum disease. Even if you brush and floss regularly, at-home hygiene cannot completely eliminate oral bacteria. As they accumulate in your mouth, the microbes will develop into sticky plaque or hard tartar.

Over time, these substances can trap additional bacteria, keeping them in direct contact with your teeth. Every time you eat, the bacteria will thrive and grow on the sugars in your food. They will form acids, which will eat away at your dental enamel. Bacteria can then access the deeper layers of dental tissue, forming cavities.

Oral bacteria can also lead to gum disease. Over time, the bacteria will move from your teeth to your gums, where they can form pockets in the tissue. As the pockets grow larger, your gums will begin to pull away from your bone and dental roots. Without appropriate care, you could experience widespread tooth loss, gum recession, and even jawbone atrophy.

When you visit our office every six months, we can remove plaque and tartar, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of cavities and periodontal disease.


Biannual Oral Examinations

Each biannual visit will include a routine exam. During this exam, Dr. Burgess will check for gum inflammation and damage to your teeth. Typically at every other appointment, he will take x-rays to look for decay that might not be visible to the eye.

Routine exams include an oral cancer screening, making them an essential part your overall health. During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Burgess will look for symptoms such as lesions, red spots, and inflammation. Often these symptoms are harmless, however, since early detection is key to eradicating oral cancer, regular screenings are an important component of your care.


At-home Care

Even with regular professional care, you will also need to take good care of your teeth at home. For optimal oral health, you should brush at least twice each day. It is recommended that you brush your teeth within thirty minutes of eating.

Daily flossing is also important. When flossing, you should use gentle, gliding motions. Rinsing with antimicrobial mouthwash can also help prevent decay, gum disease, and chronic bad breath.

During your appointment with us, our team will guide you in the best brushing and flossing techniques. We can also recommend specific oral care products that may help protect your smile.


Your Path to Healthy Teeth

Preventive dentistry is the clear path to a happy, healthy smile. Contact Blake Dental Arts today to schedule your routine cleaning and exam.

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