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Tooth Colored Fillings

Discreetly Repair Your Cavities with Tooth-colored Fillings

Dr. George S. Burgess provides tooth-colored fillings that are both practical and beautifully crafted to match the natural color of your smile. Not only do dental fillings strengthen your weakened tooth, but they also seal the area to keep bacteria from returning. Unlike metal fillings, tooth-colored restorations will never change color over time, and do not require as much preparation or alteration to the tooth. To learn more about tooth-colored fillings at our Bradenton, FL, dental practice, contact us today.


How a Filling is Placed

Before placing a filling, Dr. Burgess will take x-rays to ensure that it is the most appropriate type of restoration for you. Once he has determined that a filling is the right option, he will carefully clean the affected tooth.

He will numb the area and use gentle techniques to eliminate bacteria and diseased tissue. He will also reshape the area around the cavity to accommodate the filling. If the cavity is deep, Dr. Burgess may also place a sealant to protect your dental roots.

Once your tooth has been cleaned and adequately prepared, we will roughen the treatment area with a mild chemical solution. The solution creates a larger surface area and stronger bond. Next, Dr. Burgess will select a shade of composite that best matches your smile, and apply the filling in layers. A curing light will be used to harden each layer.


Cosmetic Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

For many years, silver amalgam was the only option for dental fillings. This material is still widely used, but patients are now more apt to choose tooth-colored fillings.

Eventually, metal fillings can show through your tooth, and after several years, your smile could have a displeasing gray tint. Composite will blend naturally with your tooth, and will never change color.


Practical Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings offer several benefits for your overall dental health. First, composite will bond more securely with your tooth. This strengthens your tooth more effectively than metal, restoring complete dental function.

Additionally, metal will expand and contract in response to changes in temperature. Over the years, this constant fluctuation can severely weaken your tooth. Composite, on the other hand, is a stable material that will never change size.

Perhaps most important of all, composite requires less alteration of your tooth structure. The preparation process will be easier, and Dr. Burgess will not have to remove as much dental tissue.


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Fillings are a great solution for dental cavities. To learn more about the benefits of tooth-colored fillings and to find out if this type of restoration is right for you, contact Dr. Burgess today.

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