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Teeth Whitening

Although there are numerous teeth whitening options available at your local pharmacy, teeth whitening by dentists is still the safest and most effective way to achieve superior results. There are many advantages to choosing dentist teeth whitening instead of store-bought products, but if you prefer the convenience of at-home treatments, consider asking your dentist about tray-based tooth whiteners.

At-Home Dentist Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tray-based tooth whiteners are more effective than over-the-counter whiteners because they usually contain more powerful bleaching agents, though they are still weaker than those used in supervised visits. If you opt for a tray-based tooth whitening treatment in Denton, TX, Dr. Todd McCracken will provide you with custom-made trays that fit like a mouth guard. The daily amount of time you will need to wear the trays, which are filled with a peroxide-bleaching solution, depends on your individual whitening goals, but the treatment duration will typically not exceed four weeks. Since tray-based tooth whiteners are used at home, no additional visits to the office are necessary.

In-Office Dentist Teeth Whitening Treatment

While tray-based whiteners are undeniably more convenient, the fastest and most effective way to achieve a brighter smile is with teeth whitening by dentists performed in-office. During the in-office dentist teeth whitening procedure, Dr. McCracken applies a whitening agent directly on the teeth and then uses a laser to expedite the bleaching process. Although several trips may be necessary to reach desired results, many patients see dramatic results right after one visit due to the strength of the bleaching agents used in a supervised visit. This bleaching agent is much higher than what is used in over-the-counter and tray-based tooth whiteners. Dentist teeth whitening is also a safer treatment choice due to the additional protective measures Dr. McCracken takes to protect you from the harmful effects of bleaching. 

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