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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can restore functionality and fill gaps left by missing teeth. At Blake Dental Arts, we offer traditional dental bridges, partial dentures, and implant-supported bridges, working in conjunction with a trusted oral surgeon. Whichever type of bridge you choose, the restoration can improve your long-term oral health and prevent additional dental damage. Patients interested in dental bridges in the Bradenton, FL-area can contact our practice to begin planning their personalized restorative treatment.


Traditional Dental Bridges

A traditional bridge will attach to your adjacent healthy teeth (abutment teeth) with two crowns on either end. Before placing your bridge, George S. Burgess, D.D.S, P.A. will first reshape the abutment teeth. This process will help the bridge fit securely, and will create a more natural appearance. We will numb your teeth for the procedure, so you should experience minimal discomfort.

Dr. Burgess will then take impressions of your teeth, which our partner lab will use during the fabrication process. The technicians can use several different materials to craft your restoration. Porcelain-fused-to-metal is the traditional choice.

However, for a more natural appearance, we often recommend all-porcelain, which will not change color over time. The lab will ensure that the bridge matches the color of your smile and the natural shape of your teeth. When it is complete, the lab will send it back to our office, and Dr. Burgess will secure it with composite resin during your follow-up appointment.


Implant-supported Dental Bridges

If you are looking for the most stable restoration, many patients prefer an implant-supported bridge. Dental implants are tiny metal posts, which integrate with your jawbone to replace your tooth roots. Following the integration process, they can provide a stable and permanent base for your bridge.

Like traditional bridges, implant-supported restorations are custom-made from durable materials with a natural color and sparkle. Although Dr. Burgess does not place implants, he can evaluate your candidacy for treatment and refer you to a qualified oral surgeon. Following your recovery, he will attach your new bridge.


The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Both traditional and implant-supported bridges will restore your ability to bite and chew. Implant-supported bridges can be particularly beneficial. Since the implants will replace your tooth roots, you will be able to enjoy crunchy or chewy foods with ease. In some cases, bridges can also restore your ability to speak clearly.

Dental bridges can be good for your overall dental health. When you are missing teeth, the other teeth will slowly begin to shift, filling in the gap in your smile. A bridge will block the space and maintain your dental alignment. A bridge can also prevent bruxism, since missing teeth can sometimes cause you to grind your jaw.

Implant-supported bridges have an added benefit. The small metal posts are the only type of restoration that can prevent jawbone atrophy, a common consequence of tooth loss. Like dental roots, the posts will send regenerative signals to your jaw, triggering new bone growth. An implant-supported bridge will not only restore your smile and dental function, it can also prevent further tooth loss and changes in your facial appearance and shape.


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Your smile is our top priority, and at Blake Dental Arts, we want to make sure it is attractive and functional. To learn more about the different types of bridges and which one may be right for you, contact us today.

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